Comparison of casino players’ success

  • January 12, 2016

Young players vs experienced online casino players continued


In order to make our comparison of players’ successfulness depending on their age more adequate, we had to choose the types of gambling activities where skills really matter. For this reason we could not discuss who better plays dice, scratch cards or Roulette, because – what would be the point? So we settled on Sports betting, Poker (Online Poker included) and online Slots.
1) Sports betting


Obviously when it comes to making sports bets experienced gained with age should become the deciding factor that separates winners from losers. But does it really? Let’s take two legends of sports betting Frank Rosenthal and Bob Voulgaris. Frank was only 13 years old when he placed his first bet. By 30 he was America’s most famous person for predicting outcomes of events. By 40 his predictions were already mediocre. Although he managed 4 casinos and several hotels in Las Vegas, the hunger for information that allowed him to make sharp and right predictions had left him.

                                                                             sports betting

Bob Voulgaris is another young wunderkind who made a real fortune by the time he turned thirty. It was ok for him to make a million worth of bets per one day, since his predictions were 70% correct and Bob always won from the bookmakers. Basing on these examples we can make the conclusion that young passionate people are better at sports betting than their older fellows or even than their older selves!

2) Poker

As we all know in Poker it takes more than just blind luck to become a winner. Back in 2012 the Gambling Studies magazine held such an experiment. They gathered 300 participants and divided them into two groups of ‘professionals’ and ‘newbies’. Then they played 60 similar hands at Texas Hold’em. As a result the amount of money earned by both groups was virtually similar! The magazine concluded that when players are of about similar level they will win or lose mainly due to pure luck rather than their knowledge.


So if you are a solid poker of online poker player, you will have similar chances to win as players of any age.
3) Online slots

Here is one game that requires next to no skills to play it. In online slots it’s all about luck and there are no ways to influence possible outcomes of the spins, no matter what certain ‘experts’ may say. The Random Number Generators used in modern online slots absolutely exclude usage of system of any sort to win this game. So we would not say that younger or older players are better at slots if it was not for two interesting facts.

First off, despite what many may believe – the main land casino slots players are women of about 55-60 year old! The University of Oregon held the corresponding research and showed the world these surprising figures. So theoretically speaking, the older players will win more at land casino slots than their younger fellows simply because they play a lot more.


On the other hand, people of under or about 30 years old play online and mobile slots by far more often than people over 40. And since the market of online gambling is now almost as big as the market of land based gambling, it is quite logical to believe that younger players win just as much as money at online casinos slots as their older competitors at land casinos. This being said, we believe that the fair conclusion as for who wins more often at slots would be – both younger and older players win just about as often.


So as we see, the younger players are actually better winners at 2 out of 3 most popular casino games types. And they are just as good at the third one. This allows us to say with full confidence that when it comes to gambling games – the younger players win!