Young players vs experienced online casino players

  • December 26, 2015

“Only young people receive more than they can spend” – a cliché? jealousy? a piece of wisdom? This famous quote was born right between 19th and 20th centuries by two great Irish minds: George Bernard Shaw and Oscar Wilde. Who exactly invented it remains a mystery till today. But the real question is – Is there any truth in this saying?

They value authenticity, transparency and open spaces that allow socialization, – says Roberto Coppola, director of marketing research at YWS Design & Architecture. – They are skeptical when it comes to social calls and traditional marketing. They are in no hurry to have families and take out a mortgage. Senior representatives of this generation are already 35 years old. So although these people are called the next generation, they are more of the current one. They now affect online gambling market and this influence will only grow.

Younger generation verses those more experienced

It’s been long time since we first had the idea to find out who is better at playing at online casinos – people of respected age or the younger ones. Of course, even teenagers now have iPhones and thus access to online gambling, and supposedly they are better at dealing with their devices because they’ve been with those basically from the day they were born. Unlike the older generation who had to re-learn working with them after the phones with buttons and laptops. But is it really a factor? Plus, anyway, in most countries the legal age is limited at 18 years old.
So in the following 2 articles (the material is enough for three and we were planning on writing just one, so we decided to make it two) we will try to answer a simple question: Are young people better players than the older? After all, with the help of statistical data it can be traced back, who is more efficient at online gambling and who wins more often – the young people or the older age group. It is also interesting to know whether the impetuosity of youth is the ideal quality for a game.

Age and excitement

Back in 2012-2013 in the UK they carried out a study on the activity of players in different age categories. If you take a look at the picture below you will see on the horizontal axis the age and on the vertical axis the percentage of people gambling.

infographics online casinos

It is safe to say that the older you get, the more likely it is that you will start gambling. The most popular gambling types are lotteries, scratch cards and all sorts of online casino games; and they are popular mainly among older people. But then again, this data is not dramatic enough to affect the outcome of our investigation.

To be continued.