The best games to win at online casinos (part 1)

  • January 12, 2015

When one takes online gambling seriously then quite accurate research is a must before he joins some online casino or the other. The research should include sites and software behind them as well as the games they offer to their players. And of course everyone who is interested in nothing else but the amount of his possible win needs to think on the game’s edge. The higher casino edge for a certain game is the worse it is (of course) for a player.

Why online Blackjack is a good choice

All sorts of analytics and just experienced players keep saying that the lowest online casino edge is in such games as online Roulette and online Blackjack. The figures confirm this too. While in the classic Blackjack casino edge makes 0.43%, in some of its types this even can be just 0.15%! This is easily explained if we remember that the chances to win a player has in this game practically equal to these of a casino dealer. The only advantage for a dealer is that he/she takes a card first, making the opponent want to score more and risk if he wants to win the round.

Whey online Roulette is also worth a closer look at

As for the Roulette we should single out its two types right away – the European and the American ones. It is very important to know one from the other, because any experienced player will confirm that American Roulette should be avoided in favor of the European. Since there is the “double zero” in American Roulette game it doubles the casino edge right away. And although the edge in this Roulette version is still only 5.26% – the European one proudly offers the edge of no higher than 2.7%. Craps is also considered to be quite a nice choice, although its edge varies from 1.36% up to 16.67%.