Siri saved life of an 18-year-old American

  • November 10, 2015

An 18-year-old guy was repairing a truck in his garage. The car had been raised on a jack and at one point it broke and the two-ton vehicle fell on its owner, blocking both his hands. No one responded to the cries for help, and the victim could not get out from under the truck.

Trying to free his jammed his hands, the young man suddenly heard voice of Siri coming from the iPhone in his trousers’ back pocket. Realizing that this was his only chance for rescue, the guy tried to run the voice assistant and a few minutes later he succeeded. He called 911. Soon, a team of rescuers came to the aid of the victim.

An iPhone comes to rescue

We must say that this is not the first time when an iPhone comes to the people rescue. In May this year a smartphone saved a man from a gun shut in Great Britain. A young man was shot by attackers, but, fortunately there was an iPhone in his breast pocket and it stopped the bullet sufficiently enough for him to survive.

A bit of black humor

In August last year a dark-humor-funny thing happened when a 20 years old man asked Siri to help him hide the bony of a person he’s just murdered. Because he could not think on a way to do it he addressed his iPhone a question and the police found out about the deed mere hours later.