Schoolchildren still love iPhones

  • April 16, 2016

For quite some time now, many say that Apple would soon lose its position in the market, however, the largest independent research analyst firms tell us otherwise. We have already made sure that there is no need to worry about the Mac sells, but experts from Piper Jaffray share more interesting information.

Analysts have conducted their own studies and surveys with participation of about 6.5 thousand people, whose average age is 16 years. Of these, almost 70% own an iPhone; three years ago, the figure was several percent lower. It is noteworthy that 75% of young owners of Apple’s smartphones are going to continue to buy only the iPhone: Android leans towards only one-fifth of them.

iPhone is here to stay

But it is even more curious that 12% of young respondents own a smart watch. The only thing where Apple failed has slipped is the Android-tablet than the iPad. However, for three-year drop is small (six per cent), that it is quite possible to lose sight of.

All this confirms not only the popularity of the iPhone and Apple gadget among young people has not fallen, but also their loyalty to the production of Apple company has risen. Many are going to continue using Apple devices. No other brand can boast this level of user confidence. Generation change and preferences remain the same, which is a rarity these days.