Optimal bets size when playing online slots

  • October 23, 2015

It is unlikely that most of our readers have more or less accurate strategies of betting on the slot machines.

Perhaps they are really trying to control their bankroll, but they do not know the rates for each spin. Frankly, such calculations are not difficult. It is only necessary to clearly define its purpose and to know the basics of mathematics.

Setting clear goals

Before you start calculating the size of the bet per spin, it is necessary to clearly define the main purpose of your game on the slot machines. A wise online gambler will define how many days and hours he is planning to spend playing online slots (mobile slots included, of course). He will also set the size of the pot he is prepared to spend if luck would not be on his side. Suppose, an online gambler is going to spend thirty days, half an hour every day, on playing. In this case, the size of your bankroll for that period will be 30xhow much you are ready to spend at a time = some amount of $. In case of the author of this article it goes like this: 30x$30=$900.

Calculating number of spins

Once you have set the goal in terms of money, you will need to set the total number of spins. Of course, it is next to impossible to make precise calculations here. But an important nuance of these calculations is to determine the amount of rotation that you make per minute. Average user performs about eight spins per minute.

By means of simple mathematical calculations we get 240 spins daily and 7,400 spins per thirty days. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the number of bonus spins you will definitely get.