Online casinos keep on reaching stars

  • March 28, 2015

The online gambling industry keeps on breaking all records. In year 2015 the annual money flow passing through online casinos will reach at least $28 billion. So apparently they have a good reason to be happy. They are rising as they have never before in the history. Even twelve years ago when the industry was just appearing and there were no restrictions applied whatsoever, no one even dreamed of such a future to come. There are also no reasons why this rise should stop in the following few years.

More online casinos means more great games

Casino games of all types are highly popular online. More and more players choose online casinos over going to Monaco, Macao or Las Vegas and this truly means something. The main reason for this happening lies obviously in the fact that land casinos cannot offer as many bonuses to choose from and such high payments. So it happens that online casinos are much more flexible and they do not need to pay to countless stuff for cleaning rooms for instance. For this reason also they can spend more on implementing new games to their list, mobile titles included.

Land casinos are not having the best time

While casinos online keep growing in numbers and constantly developing land gambling industry is slowly dying. Which would even be ok with most player if it was not for one very important fact – land casinos and online casinos are not competitors, but rather two sides of one coin. Also, as more casinos keep appearing online there is more chances that some of them will be not quite reliable. So this is a new challenge for the players to track unworthy casinos and help in banning them.