Online baccarat rules and tips

  • January 26, 2016


Today we’ll take a closer look at online Baccarat. This game is one of the oldest and simplest in the industry. Online casinos everywhere are adopting different versions of Baccarat, so it’s far not as difficult as many people think it is. In fact, it is a very, very simple game.


What made Baccarat so attractive is probably back when James Bond played it in some of his movies. It became a very elegant game, a highly sought after game because of the simplicity and the social aspect of it. Microgaming casinos have adopted it in a lot of ways to attract the numerous High Rollers and the VIPs, because they like the high limits that are typically on this game. So let’s take a look at how online Baccarat is played.


Online Baccarat rules


Baccarat offered at online casinos has rules mostly similar to those adopted at land casinos. The cards traditionally have the value that is stated on the card itself, except for the 10, Jack, Queen and King (those have a value of zero). Ace is a One. The object of online Baccarat is to get closest to Nine on either hand. If there is a 10 and an 8 together, that’s called a ‘natural eight’ (the second strongest hand in Baccarat). If there is a 10 and a 9 together, that’s called a ‘natural nine’ and that is the highest hand that one can gen in Baccarat online.


Who wins Baccarat online


The player’s responsibility in this game is simply three things. The Banker, the Player or the Tight Bet. They simply decide where they want to bet. So at the time when a player makes a wager he or she brings the cards out (there is only 4 cards drawn, two for each side – 2 for the banker side and 2 for the player). Depending on which side gets the higher score, the player’s wager wins or loses.


To be continued…