The new iPhone 7 leaks

  • March 23, 2016

According to majority of the rumors about the future iPhone 7, it will no longer have a 3.5-mm headphone socket. The photo of a case designed for the new iPhone tells us even more about the novelty. OnLeaks published this photo several days ago, right before the Apple presentation that took place on March 21st.


The case design suggests that the future smartphone will not be that different from iPhone 6. At least not so when it comes to its looks. But iPhone 7 will apparently lose some of its sockets, including the headphone socket.

If you look closely at the bottom of the case, you can see the holes for the ‘Lightning’ connector as well as for the speaker and microphone, and perhaps even for two stereo speakers. And it is impossible not to notice the lack of openings for 3.5 mm socket.

Design or functionality?

But is this the only meaningful change that awaits us? There have been rumors that Apple will get rid of the plastic inserts on the case, but that is probably not enough to call the new Apple smartphone something really new.

Of course, we can start talking about the fact that the hole for the camera has increased significantly and things like that. Or we can just take these photos skeptically and wait for new rumors and leaks. One fact remains unchanged – no matter what the design of the new iPhone 7, it will definitely be more powerful than any model before it. And it will without a doubt offer even better experience when playing online casino games.