Neteller and Skrill are joining efforts

  • June 13, 2015

The Optimal Payments company is buying all shares of Sentinel company. To millions of Skrill users worldwide it means that their trusted online payment solutions provider will very soon have a new owner. According to the deal conditions Optimal Payments is going to pay about $750 million to see the company as its part in the third quarter of 2015. So will Neteller and Skrill become one?

What happens to Skrill now

Sentinel it its turn also wins from the deal. Once the purchase is complete Sentinel will become manager of almost 8% of the total assets of Optimal Payments. However it is yet unknown just how exactly this event will influence the customers of this billing system. There is a very high possibility that Skrill will continue operating as it is with some unique new features added. This would be the best decision since Skrill has many customers who are perfectly satisfied with the company’s work and are not likely to welcome extreme changes.

How the deal influences the market

Representatives of both organizations have reported that they already have common strategic plans. Their essence is to create a leading online payment operator in the world. This goal will certainly be difficult to achieve basing on the rapid growth of modern market. Still, such an optimism of both companies strongly encourages. By the way, right after the information on Optimal Payments and Sentinel companies merging was released, their shares prices rose a considerable deal. For online casino players the deal will most likely mean less bonuses. Because once the competitors join their efforts they will have no need in creating new offers to attract more customers.