The latest mobile gambling research reveals some unexpected facts

  • September 7, 2014

The MECN (Media and Entertainment Consulting Network) has recently carried a research to see the real percent of new players who join mobile casinos online. We all know that the rise in mobile gambling revenues was very rapid within the last few years. But does the reason for this growth lies simply in the fact that the number of the powerful modern smartphones has been increasing? Or is there something more hidden behind?

Online gamblers prefer mobile devices

As it turned out when the results of the survey were released, about 70% of mobile gambling revenues were generated by the players who started gambling via their mobile devices rather than their PCs or laptops. The reason behind it is very simple – iPhones and iPads are easy to carry and extremely convenient to use, and they allow playing in any place and any time! Which is a huge advantage in the modern world where no limits are acknowledged.

The online gambling experts have different opinions on what the results of the MECN’s research mean for the industry. On one hand, there is obviously no new generation of mobile gamblers as most of them had hoped. But on the other hand, this shift in the players’ tastes and the constant migration from the PCs means that the time they will spend gambling in online casinos will only rise in the future.

Playing On-the-Go

The reason why the general time online gamblers will spend playing their favorite online slots and other casino games is pretty simple. When one has access to so many great games 24/7 and can make a couple of spins even when standing in a supermarket line or at the bus stop – he will definitely do that! The MECN research was conducted by surveying mobile gambling experts working for the biggest operators, including Microgaming, Playtech and others.