Mobile gambling will be even better with the new iPhone 6

  • August 25, 2014

It feels like yesterday when we were all discussing the new iPhone 5S with its impressive advantages and new features. Most of us were glad to see that Apple would make the smartphones not just black and white as before but also gold! And certainly we were excited about the new finger scan technology and were looking forward to use it.

How will new the iPhone 6 change mobile gambling

But now the talks and rumors are about the new iPhone 6 and whether it will make online gambling experience better than ever before. It is an important topic to discuss, especially if we remember that most experts agree in naming mobile gambling the future of the entire online gambling industry. The number of iPad and iPhone owners keeps increasing and ever more players want to enjoy their favorite games on the go. This means that new mobile technologies will definitely have impressive impact on the direction in which gambling industry is moving.

What the new iPhone 6 will have

First off, there will be two different versions of iPhone 6 basing on the screen size. Apple is promising to release devices with 5.5 inch screens and 4.7 inch screens. So they both will be bigger than the current 4 inch screen iPhone and the larger screen means better online gambling experience!
They will also improve touch screen on the new iPhone. This will guarantee that mobile gambling is going to become more responsive and fun to play. Plus, the rumors are that Apple will implement the Touch ID system to iPhone 6. This is the way for online gamblers to make real money payments by means of their Apple smartphones only!