The Isle of Man Half Marathon and the Marathon sponsored by Microgaming will be starting shortly

  • July 21, 2014

One of the biggest online gambling providers and at the same time one of the largest companies on the Isle of Man Microgaming has announced when the entries to the Isle of Man Half Marathon and the Marathon will close on July 31st. And all the athletes who would like to take part in this exciting event need to apply by this date. For now there are more than a ninety people who did enter the Marathon and over two hundred who did the Half.

This Microgaming sponsored event is extremely popular with the local athletes but this year there will be many participants from other countries too. The competitors list will include people from United States, Europe and South Africa. The largest UK thematic magazine the Runner’s World will do the job of highlighting the event this time. So there should be more professional runners taking part in the competition and not only Microgaming fans who want to show their loyalty to the company in this way.

They will hold the event in Ramsey and it will commence on the Promenade and finish in the Ballacloan Football Stadium. This course is famous for its great views so the participants will not have time to get bored on their way to the finish. The laps will each be 13.1 miles long which means the total distance will make 26.2 miles. This is why we say that the athletes are looking forward to several hours of joyful competition and the great prizes from Microgaming in the end.