Mexicans Decide on New Gambling Legistrlation

  • March 8, 2016

Mexico decided not to just legalize gambling business, but also to make it as transparent as possible. The Ministry of Internal Affairs recently developed a package of bills aimed at regulating this market. The plans are to even create a separate agency that would be responsible for complying with the rules of the gambling business. The agency will be named “National Institute of Games.”

What gambling in Mexico is like today

Gambling in Mexico has been very popular with Americans – both the players and the businessmen, who keep opening their own institutions and creating resources. However, when the idea to introduce new legislation was articulated, many of them felt worried. Firstly, the legislation as offered now carries very noticeable nationalistic character. We are even talking about the fact that only certain selected companies will get to work in gambling field (limited to Mexico and neighboring countries).


Why they are changing the gambling rules

But Mexican authorities were quick to reassure foreign investors. The Bill is still at the stage of consultation and negotiation. It is still an open platform for discussion, and the main goal is – to develop such rules that Mexico has become a very attractive country for gambling, but it has managed to defend its national interests.

It should be noted that the laws governing the gaming activities that are currently in power in Mexico date back to 1947. That is, they are already more than half a century old, and naturally they are obsolete and honestly need to be changed.