Italy bans online gambling but then repeals

  • February 4, 2015

The Italian government once again caused negative public reaction when banned online gambling licensees it had given before. The government has also said ‘no’ to video lotteries and all sorts of games with valuable prizes in public places. However, in just a few days the Ministry of Finance of Italy called this decision a mistake. In fact, when the government banned the gambling in its previous form it made operating of too many companies that invested in Italian economy a lot more difficult.

Lega Nord made the move

Soon after the voting it became public that the decision was passed under strong pressure of Lega Nord party. This party claimed to care about the wellbeing of the players who have gambling dependence. But it seems logical that if it was their real concern they would pass laws similar to the ones that are in operation in the United States and some other countries. Because clearly there was no need to take such powerful measures for sake of just several hundred gamblers and at the expense of dozens of thousands.

The law was repealed shortly after

Banning all online gambling even for twelve years as was planned would have been a very poor solution for Italy under current circumstances. And one of the country’s leading lawyers Juliano Coradjio has pointed out so in his blog. It was probably because he took such an active part in the matter the government has repealed the law shortly after it was passed. Let us just hope that such unpopular decisions will not take place in the future.