iPhone 6 for online casino gambling

  • February 20, 2015

One can take the fact that Apple released an iPhone with the largest diagonal yet very differently. Some fans of the American corporation say that this was a long expected decision while the others claim that Apple has sold its spirit in favour of the money. But neither of them can deny an obvious fact that the release of iPhone 6 Plus paid a huge role in modern success of the brand worldwide and especially in Asia. The research held by a respected Counterpoint company has shown that not only Apple managed to gain its positions in markets of Japan, China and South Korea back, but also straighten them.

Success of iPhone 6 Plus

In South Korea for that matter the share of Apple rose up to 33% compared to about 20% per cent before the release of iPhone 6. While the share of Samsung has fallen from 60% down to 46%. Very impressive. And in Japan the success of Apple corporation in the market of smartphones is even more impressive with its 51% share.

iPhone 6 Plus and online gambling

Online casinos also were glad to see the new iPhone with a larger screen come out. The reason for this is very simple – the larger the screen is the better quality of playing at online casinos is. It is a real pleasure to spin the reels of favorite online slots and see the graphics of unparalleled quality on a huge screen. This is exactly why Microgaming as well as Playtech started creating and updating their leading titles right after iPhone 6 was released.