iOS 10 – should you update?

  • September 20, 2016

Many iPhone casino players are facing the question right now, whether they want to update to iOS 10 or not. It is worth it? Is it faster, does it give more opportunities, is it a better fit for gambling at online casinos? In this review we are going to answer these questions.

How is iOS 10 different

First things first. In iOS 10 the lock screen receives a huge overall. Not only the unlocking is different now, there is no more slide to unlock, you can rase to awake. This is a completely re-built lock screen. In the new operating system Apple placed a lot more information within your reach on the lockscreen.

The control center has received a very handsome upgrade and a lot of new functionality as well. So you’ll now get 3 pages. One for your basic controls, second for music controls and the third you will only see if you have homekit devices (which you will now be able to control without unlocking the screen. Very convenient).

What is in it for iPhone casino players

Apple has re-made these small things. For instance, when launching application the animation is different. If you actually close the application before opening it you will see how fast it feels in action. The folders animations feel different too. All these little things make the overall experience completely different, as if you’ve got a new device. Which of course may be true, if you did buy the new iPhone 7 or 7 Plus.

The improved animation is also important if we talk about casino games. Because the new iOS 10 has become even more fast and unique, the leading online casino software developers will have to keep up and create even brighter and faster games. Microgaming and Playtech have already announced the short release of new mobile slots for iOS 10. So we are waiting for more details on that!