Free games for your iPhone

  • September 29, 2016

We have all been bored, that’s one thing we cannot completely avoid. And where do we go to when we are bored?  Our phones! We can watch videos, funny cats, dogs dressed like Mario, and of course we can play countless games. Many of these games are free, including (rather surprisingly) iPhone online casino games. That’s one good way to have some fun without going broke. On the other hand, you will never win a jackpot if you play for free.

Free iPhone games

So let us name some of the great and entertaining games for your iPhones that you can find and download for free. One of such is definitely Peggle Blast. Peggle has a simple concept – take a limited amount of balls and try to take out as many pegs as you can across several levels. This game strongly reminds of the classic Pachinko that can be found at some iOS casinos online.

Another highly popular free iPhone title is Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Based on one of the biggest games in the world, this World of Warcraft card game using similar characters and memorable episodes from the life of this imaginary world.

iPhone casino games for real money

If or when you get bored of playing games that make no change in your everyday life, you will probably turn to the casino games with real money wins. But do so with caution. First off, there are many online casinos that offer low payout rates. Any rates lower than 98% should be considered low, that’s a modern day fact. Secondly, iPhones real money casinos are not legal in some lands, including the USA. So be careful to follow all the rules when playing online and may the Lady Luck be with you! Always.