New Campaign Manager from Playtech

  • November 9, 2014

One of the world’s leading online gambling software developers and implementers Playtech has announced the release of the new Campaign Manager that will change the reality for the company’s licensees. This new product is aimed to allow the licensees to optimize and automate their players’ gambling experience. Never before was it so easy for the online casino providers to design and implement unique settings via IMS platform.

Playtech is searching for new ways

The new features that come with the updated Campaign Manager will fully automate most aspects of the players’ experience. It will enable offering real-time conditions as well as scheduled triggers; advanced messaging, unique bonusing and other ways of personalization. Online casino providers will have the means to automatically divide their players by segments and thus have a much more personal approach to each and every single gambler. For instance, there will be no more messages coming when a player is asleep since it is night where he comes from. It may seem all too simple, but such approach could be achieved only manually before the new Campaign Manager from Playtech.

Campaign Manager testing

The trials held before the Manager’s launch have demonstrated great results. Titanbet’s CRM Division Manager Anouck Chazelas (Titanbet was in the group of trial licensees) shared his first impressions on the new Campaign Manager. According to him, the system allowed them to automate most conversations fully, and many of the acts that once needed manual approach were now done in seconds with no human interference. So the increase of productivity is going to be more than just impressive. This must be the reason why online casino providers are looking forward to the official Campaign Manager’s release. And the players will also benefit from this system considerably.