In the previous article we mentioned three of the best online casino games with the lowest casino edges possible. Meaning that they offer the highest chances for the players to win from a casino. These games are European version of online Roulette, different versions of Blackjack and the Craps games. In this article we are going to name a few more top loved online games with possibly low casino edge for the players to win more often. This of course, does not mean that the wins at these games are the highest possible (because the highest possible wins are still provided by online slots); but the players who choose the games listed below will certainly win more often when playing them rather than other titles.

When one takes online gambling seriously then quite accurate research is a must before he joins some online casino or the other. The research should include sites and software behind them as well as the games they offer to their players. And of course everyone who is interested in nothing else but the amount of his possible win needs to think on the game’s edge. The higher casino edge for a certain game is the worse it is (of course) for a player.